Admin Professional

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

25 Jun 2024

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Full Time


Make the change to the new way of working online with your laptop and phone!

Whether part-time or full-time, if you are looking to increase your earning potential, have a fresh change in your career, achieve personal growth and development, and be rewarded for your effort, this may well be the perfect opportunity for you.

We have significant growth in our business and are we are looking to speak with professional administrators and others whose competence includes engaging on social media and other advertising platforms, with the ability to work remotely with only a laptop & phone.

Our Global Leadership Development company extends over 150 countries and allows people to work within their local area and extend into the global market.

Whilst our associates work independently, they are linked to a larger team which allows them to work and associate with like-minded individuals. The system and live support provided from experienced professionals creates a culture of good work ethics, provides results that are goal driven and allows access to full and ongoing training.

  • Associates conduct professional qualifying phone interviews,   
  • Market on a variety of social media platforms,
  • Follow daily live training calls that develop online skills and
  • Encourage the personal growth.

We offer:

  • Flexible hours
  • Full training & support
  • Uncapped earnings potential
  • The ability to make up to $5,000 per sale
  • A portable & established business model only requiring a laptop & phone
  • Entrepreneurial-minded individuals an opportunity to work remotely, using a proven business system.

Please note: This is an opportunity to be self-employed using a proven business model and strategies. It is an independent contractor opportunity;

All compensation is from the profits from sales.

Not suitable for students and a minimum 5 years work experience is required